1) Business Seminars and Workshops:

We offer free seminars and workshops on important business topics. Our aim is to help entrepreneurs at all levels improve their knowledge base so they can make better business decisions. Some of the topics we cover include:

Basic Topics:

  • Choice of legal entity (Sole Proprietor vs. LLC, vs. S CORP)

  • Basic tax rules every entrepreneur should know

  • How to transition from employment to entrepreneurship

Advanced topics:

  • Developing a sound strategy to expand your business

  • How to Build effective Management (Leadership) Teams

  • 5 KPIs every business owner should monitor

2) Biblical Financial Topics:

“Success” for Christian businesses means more than just making money. We are held to God’s standards of Purpose and Principle and must focus our hearts on His agenda. Our Biblical business seminars are designed to challenge us all to walk in Biblical integrity, manage our finances successfully  and fulfil our call to be "salt and light" here on earth.

Here are some topics we cover on this subject:

  • Does my business have a purpose other than meeting my financial needs?

  • How do I compete aggressively and maintain my integrity?

  • What does Scripture say about business ethics?

  • Joseph, a case study in business excellence.



 Please contact Robert if you would like more information on our community service SEMINARS.