We provide solutions to 5 major business issues :

1) Acquisition due diligence and start-up management:

Acquiring or starting a new business is extremely risky and many overly optimistic investors have found out the hard way how costly mistakes at this stage can be. We conduct detailed due diligence on new acquisitions on behalf of clients to ensure that the value they perceive really exists and that the price and terms they negotiate are fair to them. In addition we work with start-ups to address all the planning and risk evaluation issues that go with forming and launching a new business.

2) Business expansion and growth:

There is no "standing still" in the world of business. If your business is not growing as fast as your nearest competitor, then it is shrinking.  This is why every business owner instinctively desires to grow. However, business expansion initiatives can be frustrated by a lack of sound strategy, lack of focus on key issues and a lack of management expertise by the owners. Expanding businesses need proper management and we work with clients to endure that risks they take are properly managed, and the results they anticipate are achieved.

3) Turnaround consulting:

"Turnaround consulting" usually applies where a business is in considerable financial difficulty and creditors and lenders take legal action to appoint managers to turn the business around and manage assets for their (the creditors) benefit. By this time, it is usually too late for the owner to salvage any value. We apply turnaround consulting solutions before the business deteriorates to this stage. This however requires that the owners recognize that they heading for danger and seek out help to bring the business back to its profitable core, before the bank steps in. We work with businesses facing chronic performance issues to find a way back to profitability and liquidity.  

4) Governance, Internal controls and fraud examination:

We are sometimes called upon to address internal controls, corporate governance and fraud issues. This is an important issue especially for small successful businesses, which have not yet adopted proper internal control functions and governance procedures. Very often the success of these businesses, coupled with an absence of proper fraud prevention controls, encourage deviant behavior on the part of dishonest employees, suppliers and even business partners. We have decades of experience in successful fraud examination and the implementation  of control procedures.

5) Leadership development:

Success in businesses, as in sport, is built on the efforts of disciplined, competent teams. This means that as your business grows, you the owner, need to transition from being just a manager who makes all the decisions and hands down instructions, to a leader who sets the tone at the top, inspires confidence and empowers team members. Very often the inability of a business to grow beyond a certain size, reflects leadership issues among the owners. Our firm is  able to provide the input, guidance and structure to help business owners, and the people working for them, to function as disciplined, accountable, cohesive teams. 



If you have questions about any of these key areas or want to discuss any challenge you are facing, please do not hesitate to contact us.