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RVF Consulting is a CPA owned, Faith Based business consulting firm, located in Lawrenceville GA.


We support clients with business management services and are experts in solving financial problems and helping clients generate Profit, Cashflow, and Growth.  Our firm was founded in 2012 by Robert Fullerton CPA.

We help clients overcome 2 main challenges:

1) The struggle to SURVIVE 

2) The challenge to GROW


We provide the business expertise and sound strategy to address both of these scenarios.


The Struggle to Survive (and generate sustainable profit):

Most businesses struggle and fail for one of 3 reasons:

 1. Lack of owner Expertise or Discipline. These result in self-inflicted business wounds


 2. Lack of a sound Business Model. These are deficiencies in core business structures

 3. Lack of a strong Financial Strategy. These are deficiencies in the financial decision making in the business.

We diagnose and fix business performance issues in areas such as:

  • Stagnant Sales and ineffective Marketing,

  • Cost management and financial discipline,

  • Cashflow management,

  • Funding and capital management,

  • Owner engagement, vision and focus,

  • Team effectiveness, and

  • Business model deficiencies.

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The Challenge to Grow:

For any business to grow, it needs 4 main things:

  1. Good management and sound business model


  2. Market opportunity 


  3. Capital

  4. Clear, well thought out Growth Strategy

Our Team can help you address all these issues. We have the competence, technical training and track record of successfully helping our clients diagnose issues, solve problems and generate Profit Cashflow and Growth.

Please check out our About page (to learn who we are), our Services page (where we describe a typical client engagement) and Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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