Helping Business Owners Succeed

Hi, I am Robert Fullerton, owner of RVF Consulting, based in Metro Atlanta. We help Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) resolve accounting issues, make sound business decisions, develop competent leadership, and improve financial results.


Many SMB owners lack the expertise to develop good strategy, manage processes efficiently and solve business problems. As a result, their businesses are impacted by unresolved financial issues and eventually under-perform or fail. I work with my clients to bring discipline, creative strategy and ultimately, success to their businesses.

While my firm serves clients in a variety of industries, my particular consulting specialty is working with Christian business owners who want to succeed financially and operate with Biblical integrity.


We provide the same services that a corporate CFO would for a large business, except on a fractional or "as needed" basis for smaller businesses. Here is some of what we do:

1) Accounting, Financial Reporting and Business Processes:

We help our clients set up proper accounting systems that produce accurate, timely financial reporting as the basis for decision making. We also ensure that our clients’ internal controls, corporate governance, and business risk mitigation procedures are sound and their business processes are lean and efficient.

2) Acquisitions and Start-ups:

We conduct detailed due diligence on new acquisitions on behalf of clients and work with start-ups to address all the planning and risk evaluation issues that go with forming and launching a new business.

3) Business expansion and growth:

We help clients plan and manage business expansion including finding sources of capital, expanding operating capacity, and evaluating new opportunities.

4) Turnaround consulting:

We work with businesses facing chronic performance issues to find a way back to profitability and liquidity.  

5) Advising business owners:

Robert is a close confidant of many successful business owners, advising them on strategy, providing financial advice, helping them solve problems and acting as a sounding board for their ideas and concerns.

About myself and my consulting approach

                                            A bit about myself:

I am a Georgia licensed CPA, a UK Chartered Certified Accountant and my MBA is from the Heriot Watt University, Scotland.​ My career spands over 25 years as a corporate CFO and CEO and 10 years as a business consultant.​ My consulting expertise is in financial management, business strategy, Biblical leadership and turnaround consulting.


I am the author of the books "God's Strategic Plan" and "Business Success Based on Biblical Principles", the founder of "Kingdom Business Builders", a non profit providing free business training to Christian start-up businesses.


I am a director and Treasurer of the US Christian Chamber of Commerce based in Orlando FL and a director and Consulting CFO of Ferreira Optical Limited based in Trinidad.

          My consulting approach and style:

My consulting style is collaborative, supportive and calm. I provide the strategy, discipline and energy needed to improve the business, and I help my clients make the changes in attitude and approach needed to succeed. My focus is on the business and its success and also on the people and their competence, performance and maturity. Here is a snapshot of some of the issues I address:

Financial Success:

- Focus on  Profit, Cashflow and Growth 

- Effective Business Model and Strategy

- Efficient Business Processes

- Ensure Owners properly rewarded

 People and Performance

- Effective leadership

- Clear lines of authority

- Role clarity and Competence

- Integrity, trust and fair treatment

- Discipline, accountability and respect

- Mentorship and succession planning

- Comradery and team spirit


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