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CFO Solutions is a  CPA owned business consulting firm. We support clients with Fractional CFO services (financial reporting, process management and business strategy advice), and are experts in solving business problems and helping clients generate profit, cashflow, and growth. 

  In our experience, most owner managed businesses face one of 2 main challenges:

1)  The challenge to SURVIVE : These businesses are struggling with financial issues, their revenues are stagnant or shrinking, and if they are not already making losses, they soon will be

2) The challenge to GROW: These businesses are stable but they do not have the expertise to significantly grow revenues and profit despite favorable market conditions and obvious opportunities

CFO Solutions provides the management expertise, business experience and sound strategy guidance to address both of these scenarios. We have succssfully helped failing businesses turn their fortunes turnaround, and have helped clients with potential, grow their revenues and more significantly, their profits.


How we help turn struggling businesses around:

The first step in solving any problem, is proper diagnosis. If you don't know what the problem is, how it was created, and what causes it to persist, then you cant find a meaningful solution. In our experience, businesses struggle and fail for 3 main reasons:

  1. Lack of owner expertise or discipline. These result in self-inflicted business wounds

  2. Lack of a sound business model. These are deficiencies in core business structures

  3. Lack of a good operating model and financial strategy. These are deficiencies in how the business is managed from day to day.

As we said before, proper diagnosis of these issues is critical to providing cost effective solutions. All business problems eventually show themselves in the numbers of the business, just as most of your health issues are revealed in your blood work. This is why proper diagnosis of your business issues must start with an examination of your finances (numbers). 

Our approach is to conduct a Business Evaluation of new clients to unearth business performance issues in areas such as Sales and Marketing, Cost management and financial discipline, Cashflow management, Funding and capital management, Owner engagement, Team effectuveness, and Business model deficiencies. Turning a stagnant or failing business around depends on finding solutions to issues like these. 

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Developing strategies to Grow:

Once you solve your core financial problems and bring your business to a point of stability (so that stops hemorrhaging cash), the next step is to create opportunities for it to grow. To do this, you need 3 main things:

  1. A stable business platform with good management and sound business model

  2. Market Opportunity (you need to either create these yourself, or go find them)

  3. Skill and Capital (owner vision and financial resources). 

Our Team can help you address all these issues. We have the competence, technical training and track record of successfully helping our clients diagnose issues, solve problems and generate Profit Cashflow and Growth.

Please check out our About page (to learn who we are), our Services page (where we describe a typical client engagement) and Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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