RVF Consulting solves business problems and helps clients overcome financial challenges. Our firm is based in Atlanta, GA.

Our clients:

Our clients are small and medium sized businesses ranging from start-ups, to those generating in excess of $10 million in revenue. Some of the issues we diagnose and solve include:​


  1. Business performance : poor levels of profit, cashflow and revenue growth.

  2. Challenges finding capital and managing lender relationships

  3. Inefficient business processes and poor leadership practices 

  4. Owner issues: lack of discipline, lack of focus or conflicts among partners

See our Services page for more information

Our process:

Our process usually starts with a high-level evaluation of the business, so we can assess its potential, and provide an unbiased assessment of  the major challenges standing in its way. If the owners see value in this information, we can then present a proposal to resolve the issues and  improve the business.

Our value proposition:

We aim to bring significant, measurable value to our clients' businesses. We do not pressure clients into engaging us. Prospective clients have the opportunity to meet with us, discuss their issues, get our feedback, and evaluate our competence, without commitment. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your business.

About our Lead Consultant Robert Fullerton, CPA, CFE, MBA.


Robert Fullerton CPA, MBA.

Phone: 954-593-9638




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